Trust Stamp

Identity verification for safe real estate practice.

Trust Stamp uses sophisticated algorithms and artificial intelligence, combining information from authentic photo ID, public records, and social media sites to verify the identity and establish the trustworthiness of strangers before you bring them to a client’s home.

The process only takes two minutes. First, you send an invite to your perspective client through the app or website. Then, they spend 90 seconds creating a profile. Within seconds the prospective client receives their profile information and shares it with you. You can then view the information, complete with a color-coded trust level and photo ID, so you can verify their identity upon meeting.

Trust Stamp charges per transaction, so you only pay for what you use. Normal pricing is $1.99 per request, but with the codes below, provided as part of your CRMLS subscription, you’ll get five free Trust Stamps, and then $1 off after that!

How to get started with Trust Stamp:
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Available discount codes:
REach5: Five FREE, no obligation Trust Stamp uses
REach50: $0.99/request (retail price is $1.99/request)