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Delivering Choice in Your
Showing Platform

The Freedom to Choose What Works for You  
Three of the nation’s largest MLSs (CRMLS, BrightMLS and MRED) are working together to provide users a choice in showing service solutions that streamline user interaction creating an experience that encourages innovation and new opportunities in the market. This initiative allows brokers to utilize their preferred showing service with the highest standards of data integrity.

What Choice in Showing Means

Showing choice is a new tool using a central repository of information for showing providers to integrate their services. This showing service model functions as an all-in-one resource ensuring real estate professionals can seamlessly schedule appointments across various showing platforms.

Why We're Doing This

CRMLS is committed to providing flexibility and choice to our users. Brokerages need access to competitive and dynamic product solutions. Creating this repository to manage, share and deliver important scheduling information across preferred showing services delivers on this promise.

Who This Benefits

Showing choice helps all Real Estate Professionals by creating shared, agreed upon standards for showing services and facilitates the exchange of showing availability, requests, modifications, and other common showing data between preferred providers. Working together to provide choice wins.

CRMLS Certified Vendors

By collaborating with leading showing services like Homesnap, ShowingTime, Showingly, and TourZazz, we offer brokers “Choice”. Interested in becoming an affiliated vendor? Visit for more information.

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Homesnap Showings is a modern, easy-to-use showings management platform built with both listing and buyer’s agents in mind. Listing agents get a fast, intuitive platform that lets them manage approvals from anywhere. Buyer’s agents will benefit from instant bookings and the ability to optimize showing itineraries for their clients.

Free to agents, Homesnap Showings is included in the Homesnap Pro subscription suite and available across desktop, mobile web, iOS, and Android.

Drive profitability and more leads with Homesnap Showings. 


[email protected]

(202) 548-7646

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Showingly BW

Showingly is a real estate platform centered on the showing experience, connecting listing agents, buyers agents, and their clients to the MLS. Showingly provides a next generation showing experience complete with real time dynamic statistics that will empower better decision making and transparency.

Showingly has two core products, Showingly+ and BrokerSuite.

Also offered at the broker and agent level is the Showingly Call Center. We offer a full-service call center as an added option at the Brokerage and Agent level, handling both inbound showing requests on listings as well as buyer-side scheduling services.


[email protected]

(303) 970-0454

TourZazz BW

TourZazz is the first technology solution of its kind that puts scheduling and appointment management at your fingertips. We designed TourZazz to be the most flexible, scalable, and feature-rich platform in the market. Our cutting-edge patented technology allows us to deliver an unprecedented level of automation and customizability, making you more productive, while elevating your brand and enabling you to deliver a modern showing experience to your customers. It is a complete package for anyone who wants to take their real estate business to the next level.


[email protected]

(737) 787-7720

If you are a broker who wants more information about this initiative, please email [email protected].

Art Carter v

Art Carter


“We want to offer an API to unite showing solutions across the entire residential real estate industry in North America. Whether a broker subscribes to one or more than one MLS, their challenge is working with numerous showing platforms that don’t talk to each other.”
Brian Donnellan

Brian Donnellan

President & CEO Bright MLS

“It’s all about offering options. The one thing we don’t want is a monolithic solution to this pain point. We want our community of professionals to make their own decisions on their showing providers.”
Rebecca Jensen

Rebecca Jensen

President & CEO MRED

“Our brokerages have told us that they want the ability to have more choices when it comes to what showing service platform they want to use. By working together, we can better address a challenge confronting brokerages nationwide.”