Cloud MLX

Search your MLS with ease.

Cloud MLX provides agent-centric, streamlined access to all the data inside your MLS – free to all CRMLS users. It delivers a fluid and efficient MLS experience by prioritizing core features. The intuitive smart search bar predicts what you’re going to type, just like leading search engines – and it gets smarter the more you use it. The interactive map tool allows you to search properties in any shape of area of your choosing within CRMLS coverage. Save as many searches as you’d like and save as many areas on the map as you’d like.

Designed like other modern software platforms you use every day, Cloud MLX helps you organize and track listings and easily share them with clients. Plus, the built-in agent-to-agent instant messaging function automatically contextualizes conversations by including listing information directly in the messages. Accessible via desktop, tablet, and mobile, Cloud MLX is here to give you choice in how you search the MLS. Data is drawn straight from CRMLS.

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How to get started with Cloud MLX: