The simple, integrated CRM tool for sales professionals.

Client management has never been easier. With LionDesk’s wealth of features, you’ll never let another lead slip through the cracks.

LionDesk is an end-to-end solution for collecting, routing, and following up on leads. It ingests leads from a wide variety of sources, including Zillow, Facebook,, and more. It generates automated drip campaigns to help keep you in front of your clients. It automates your calendars and tasks. It helps you manage your contacts. It even allows for video email and texting.

Once you’ve tried it, you won’t know how you ever did business without it. Best of all, it’s available at no additional cost to all CRMLS users.
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Ready to get started? Log into CRMLS Matrix or SPN Paragon and click the LionDesk icon on the dashboard to set up your account.

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TechTalk with Art Carter

Interested in learning more? Check out these videos from LionDesk:

Direct Mail – Viewing & Tracking Scheduled Mail

Direct Mail – Drip Campaigns

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Danny Fredericks

“Being able to manage emails, texts and leads all in one dashboard is just amazing.”


Rob Arrietta

“I chose LionDesk over all others because it was easy to use & I was up and running right out of the box.”

Kris & Kim Darney

“I’m able to juggle emails, phone calls, direct marketing, mailings and text messaging. It’s a true turnkey suite at my fingertips.”