The Value of the MLS


CRMLS provides you with confidence that your real estate transactions will be handled with professionalism and care. We do this in three primary ways:

The MLS is an industry tool. Unlike some popular websites, our data is by and for real estate professionals. You can have confidence that, by using the MLS, you’ll get access to the highest-quality market information available.

MLS rules are decided on by representatives from member Associations, and are put in place to protect every MLS user from potential issues – ranging from unfair competitive disadvantages to bad-faith actors to incomplete listing information.

MLS data is always evolving and being updated. When you log in to the MLS, you can be confident that you’re seeing the latest, most accurate information about a property.

Confidence as a real estate professional is about more than what jacket you’re wearing. It’s about things that we all might take for granted – things that the MLS offers.


MLS members will always be plugged in. When a seller lists with you, both you and they will know that their listing will be placed in front of nearly every real estate professional currently working with active buyers. Similarly, buyers know they will always have access to the most current and reliable picture of available properties and have assurances that agents representing sellers will work with you.

The MLS connects buyers, sellers, and the professionals who represent them like nothing else. It’s not just about making sure everyone gets their just due; it’s also about developing a platform for connections to take root and flourish.


The MLS isn’t just for real estate professionals. It is real estate professionals. The rules we operate by, the decisions we make, the regulations we enforce: all are created through the input and guidance of agents and brokers from member Associations.

Like in any thriving community, we all have each other’s backs. Think of it as a town – every day, townsfolk drive on roads other people built; every day, they rely on the people in the police and fire departments for emergencies; every day, they expect people to deliver the mail. In a real estate transaction, the MLS is the community’s public utility, emergency service, communication tool, and more. All these services are created and maintained by and for the members of the community.

At CRMLS, we are:


From our rules to our support to our product offerings, everything we do at CRMLS, we do for the brokerage community. We’re here to help our participating brokers do business. That means dedicated broker resources, top-quality MLS technology, strategic initiatives to offer brokers better data access, and more. We won’t forget who drives our MLS – we will give them the best service possible.


There’s a reason why we give our users more comprehensive access to data than any other MLS. At CRMLS, we believe there should be no artificial limitations regulating what you can see in your MLS system. The boundaries on data access are political, not technical. If your clients need high-quality information, you as a professional should be able to give it to them. We’re here to help.


The real estate landscape is always changing. We work every day to make sure we’re leading our industry in the right direction. Thanks to our participation in local and national MLS movements, our investments in groundbreaking tech, and our frequent communication with real, on-the-ground real estate professionals, we stay on the cutting edge of what an MLS can be.