CRMLS Exclude Listing

Any property that is not to be submitted to the MLS per the instruction of the seller(s) must be excluded from the MLS by submitting a compliant exclusion form to CRMLS. The exclusion form used could be, but is not limited to, a C.A.R. SELM form or the CRMLS Exclusion Form, linked below under Step 1.
Regardless of the form used, the completed exclusion form must be submitted online within 2 business days of the effective list date.

Please note, the use of the C.A.R. SELM form or any other exclusion form will not be sufficient to modify the Days On Market (DOM).

The DOM may be modified as long as no marketing of the property occurs AND the CRMLS Exclusion form is filed in a timely manner with CRMLS (Rule 7.9.1).

This process requires two steps.

Step #1

Fill out PDF.

Step #2

Fill out the online form & attach
the PDF from Step #1 or another compliant exclusion form.