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Changing how real estate data is collected and distributed for institutional use.

Rapidly expanding coverage nationwide

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We're rewriting the rules of engagement.

 Enhanced Transparency on How Data Is Being Used

CRMLS and Bright MLS developed REdistribute, a joint venture to simplify MLS data licensing for consumers and provide MLSs with transparency on the use of their most important asset.

REdistribute was formed to aggregate and distribute data on behalf of participating brokerages and MLS organizations, providing unbiased, up-to-date MLS information directly from the source to institutions involved with the housing industry – and to put brokers back in control of their data rights and usage.

This is truly a turning point for the industry.

The REdistribute Story


We deliver data that underlies one of the largest asset classes in North America (US Residential Real Estate) for data consumers from property technology companies to financial institutions.


From financial institutions to tech startups, housing industry data has grown in demand across industries. REdistribute is satisfying the need for top-quality MLS data for use in risk management, valuations models, and more. REdistribute supports businesses who depend on accurate data for their value propositions by providing fresh data straight from the source: the multiple listing service (MLS)


With the REdistribute API, you can seamlessly access two types of listing data packages: bulk and delta. Bulk data packages provide historical listing data that can be easily incorporated into your databases or systems, while delta data packages are updated daily with new and active listings.

Frequently Asked Questions

REdistribute aggregates and distributes data on behalf of participating MLS
organizations and their broker participants. Brokers and MLSs that participate have full
transparency on how their data is being utilized for institutional use. Consumers of this
data are in fields such as insurance, mortgage lending, etc. will have access to the most
accurate and current real estate information database available in the country

With REdistribute, your broker will both take back control of their data and increase its
value. Specifically, the revenue generated from data use by licensees will be shared
back with the brokers and MLS organizations that participate, ensuring that participants
are compensated at true market value for the data they provide. As REdistribute
develops, more information on the specifics of revenue distribution processes will be

This is not a merger. REdistribute is a joint venture founded by CRMLS and Bright MLS.

For a list of Founders, Investors and Licensors, click here.

The formation of REdistribute enables us to harness the power and possibility of our
shared data to benefit brokers.