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Internet Data Exchange (IDX) Resources

Internet Data Exchange, or IDX, is the system that allows consumers to search for and view listings from a designated area on your website.
The IDX search data is powered by CRMLS and contains all CRMLS and data share listings. IDX data includes all public-facing listing information about all Active, Active Under Contract, and Pending listings, plus Sold listing data from 2012 onward.
IDX data is not the same as a full MLS search done by an agent. Private MLS agent-only information,
such as agent remarks or showing instructions, will not show up in an IDX search.
Click here to learn more about the difference between listing distribution and IDX feeds.

CRMLS offers four different IDX solutions:

  • CRMLS provides two IDX solutions at no additional cost. Each has a different process to generate. What are the options and what is the difference?

    1. IDX Standard
    These links are generated within Matrix.

    The search functionality includes all CRMLS and data share listings. You may tailor the capabilities of your search by including a map search and contact request form. CRMLS provides support for generating the IDX links, but does not provide support for the design and process of implementing the IDX links into a website. This option is available to all CRMLS users at no additional cost.

    Learn More

    2. IDX Plus
    These frameable links, with Google Maps, offer CRMLS and data share listings, the features of the Matrix solution above, PLUS the following features: multiple languages, Office Listings links, and school data. Features are not customizable.

    CRMLS provides support for generating the IDX links, but does not provide support for the design and process of implementing the IDX link into a website. This option is available to all CRMLS users at no additional cost.

    Generate IDX Link

    Compare Frameable Options

    Frameable links consist of code that is used in conjunction with an existing website. Once you generate your link, you can embed the generated link as a section into a page on your website.

    Only your Matrix ID and Office ID.

    Generating a frameable link is a simple process available to all CRMLS users at no additional cost. Generally, frameable links are easy to implement and require no maintenance.

    No. Links generated through Matrix or the IDX Link Generator are available to CRMLS users at no additional cost.

  • Many companies and individuals offer services as IDX vendors. This means they implement IDX search display on websites for real estate professionals. An IDX vendor licensed with CRMLS is a vendor that has an agreement with CRMLS to receive CRMLS’s data feed. These vendors are highly familiar with the CRMLS Rules and Regulations.
    (Click Here for a list of IDX vendors contracted with CRMLS)

    Your Matrix ID, Office ID, and a completed CRMLS IDX Request Form.

    Working with a vendor that has an agreement with CRMLS provides the opportunity for greater customization and the seamless integration of IDX onto your website. If you don’t consider yourself tech-savvy, this will take the guesswork out of the IDX process. Also, because licensed vendors are contracted with CRMLS, they must adhere to the rules and regulations of IDX implementation.

    CRMLS does not charge an additional cost for this option. However, you are responsible for the fees the vendor you choose charges for their services..

  • RESO is the Real Estate Standards Organization, an independent company that establishes the NAR-mandated standards for the transmission of real estate data. A RESO API feed or RESO RETS (Real Estate Transactions Standard) feed is a raw data connection between your website and CRMLS. Before you pursue this option, we recommend that you and/or your technology provider are familiar with RESO Standards.

    Using this option, as opposed to using a Frameable Link or working with an IDX Vendor, means you carry the responsibilities of ensuring full compliance with all CRMLS Rules and Regulations and fulfilling additional contractual obligations for working with data feeds directly.

    The individual or company making the request will need to enter into a data licensing agreement with CRMLS prior to obtaining access to the feed.

    Complete the process for requesting a data feed through the CoreLogic Trestle™ data distribution platform. Brokers or vendors (Technology Providers) can sign up for a Trestle subscription and request a data connection via the following link:

    When requesting a data connection, please be sure and provide a description detailing your use of the MLS data. If you need any assistance with this process, or if you would like additional information about Trestle, please feel free to contact Trestle Support at

    Someone who is building their own public facing website and is either:

    1) Highly tech-savvy.

    2) Hiring an in-house employee to develop your website who is familiar with RESO feeds, or

    3) Contracting with a vendor to build a highly customizable website, or for other internal brokerage uses.

    CRMLS Brokers are allowed two data feeds at no charge from Trestle. If a Broker requests a third feed, Trestle’s service fee is $85 per month for an IDX data feed and $25 for a Broker feed (Broker data feeds include listing information tied to a Broker’s office).
    If you work with a developer or a new IDX vendor, CRMLS will treat the request as a general IDX Vendor Request. Our standard IDX monthly fee of $5 per website URL serviced (first 2 URLs included at no charge) and Trestle’s $85 monthly service fee would apply to the developer.

  • IDX Premium with Full Website is a premium indexable IDX solution from Absolute Strategic Agent, a CRMLS Marketplace vendor. This option includes a wide host of features typically only available through custom IDX websites at a significantly reduced cost. IDX Premium also comes with an optional Premium Website at no additional cost with purchase.

    Users who want low-cost, high-quality, indexable IDX search on their websites without having to choose from a list of vendors or obtain a RESO-certified feed.

  • Need Additional Help?

    Contact CRMLS Data Licensing via email at or by logging in to your MLS system and accessing the Data Licensing section under the Help tab.