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View FHA condominium data in real time.

FHAPros provides an automated process, fueled by real-time FHA data, that will change the way you buy and sell condominiums.

Each FHAPros-recognized physical address for a condominium receives a green, yellow, or red light icon in the FHA column created within search results. A green light means the condominium is both approved and eligible for FHA mortgages. Yellow means that while the condominium has been approved by FHA, there may be conditions making the association ineligible, e.g. the current owner occupancy percentage or an approaching decertification date. Red means that the condominium is not FHA approved – but FHAPros offers members the services to obtain the approval.

Agents pulling listings to show their FHA buyers can filter only FHA approved condominiums (i.e., green and yellow-lit properties), so they don’t waste time showing property that their buyers would be unable to close on.

The availability of products on this page is decided upon at an Association level.
To see which products are available to you, log into your Association/Board/MLS dashboard.
You’ll see the icons for the products your Association/Board/MLS has adopted there.
Contact your Association/Board/MLS to request additional products or more information.