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Compile and publish client feedback.

Getting honest, helpful feedback from clients is one of the many challenges of being a real estate professional. Both tracking down positive testimonials and learning about areas for growth can take time that a busy agent or broker doesn’t always have. Then there’s the matter of publishing those testimonials – a process which often requires manual data entry and website management. In a business driven by trust and reputation, shouldn’t it be easier to navigate clients’ relationship to your brand?

Enter RealSatisfied, the premier solution for compiling and publishing real estate consumer feedback. This AOR Co-Op product allows agents to send detailed feedback surveys to clients, and then makes selective publishing of testimonials easy: only the comments you want published will be. With RealSatisfied, agents can both find out who their biggest brand advocates are and catch problems before they go viral on social media.

RealSatisfied is ready to integrate into your pre-existing network of products and services. Features include Real Estate Transaction Standard (RETS) notifications reminding users to send surveys, a WordPress plugin and RSS feeds to publish to personal sites, and social integration that allows users to blast out testimonials.

Your clients are ready to give you their feedback. Nearly 90% of clients who start RealSatisfied surveys finish them. It’s time to start the conversation.

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