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Put opportunity on a map

This is a core CRMLS product, available to CRMLS users at no additional cost

Coming Soon to Palm Springs Flexmls

Dramatically enrich the information you see from the MLS front end with Remine, a software platform that combines property records, data visualization, tracking, and predictive analytics.
By collecting and analyzing billions of data points, Remine has developed a method to predict which properties are most likely to go up for sale soon. Visualize these opportunities with detailed, searchable area maps, then track properties you’re interested in for potential outreach.
Remine is a powerful, multi-purpose platform fully integrated with CRMLS data. In addition to the base platform, Remine offers a mobile app, client portal, and CMA generator.
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Download the no-cost Remine app from the App Store or Google Play

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Top Remine Features

  • Just as the title states, Client Engage helps you engage with your clients like never before keeping them at the center of the transaction.

    Client Engage includes the following features:

    Client Invite
    Invite your contacts to Remine and provide them with the best search experience in the business. When they register, you are their default sponsor agent.

    Client Portal
    You now have your own agent website for your clients. You can include this portal in your email footer to expand your digital footprint and lead capture.

    Engage CRM
    Engage is now a premium CRM tool that monitors client activity and provides modern workflows, such as preparing clients’ CMAs.

    New UI
    Improved navigation with more filters. FYI, notifications were moved to Track.

    Saved Search
    Get alerts about the latest MLS data for you and your clients.

    Scheduling Tours
    Your clients can request property tours with you directly from listings.

    You can now chat with clients as well as agents.

    Add Valuation
    Add your own pricing estimates for future prospects to see and engage with you.

  • This is the golden ticket for finding a plethora of data to influence your next business move. From this page, you can view full MLS details and public record data.

    You’ll see all the data you’d expect to see plus sell scores, property values, net equity, schools, local demographics, transaction and mortgage history, and associated contacts so you know if they are an absentee owner.

    You can track properties to create your own lead list within Remine which allows you to stay informed with any updates on sell score, deed changes, new mortgages, and other data points that might affect whether or not the property is likely to sell.

  • CMA 360, by Remine, is the first ever Comparable Market Analysis (CMA) that analyzes both MLS and Off-MLS data to provide you with a true 360 perspective.
    Check out what CMA 360 does for you:

    • • See all comps (MLS and Off-MLS) in one CMA report
    • • Customize with your logo, headshot and contact information
    • • Be unique with beautiful, professional presentation
    • • And more!

    Access the “Create CMA” link at the top of any Property Details page.

  • Interested in learning more? Check out these additional flyers on Remine:

    Videos from Remine

    Click here to view more videos.


    Tim Crews

    “Insane! Was talking to a prospect today that turned into a lead. I literally computed them a CMA with Remine within 2 minutes, right on the spot. Appointment set!”

    Cathy Yanda

    “Remine has been a game changer for my business. It puts everything together in one simple, easy-to-use platform and the Remine team is always working to come up with more to offer!”