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Art Carter
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California Regional Multiple Listing Service (CRMLS) Develops and Launches a New, Modernized Dashboard Through REcenterhub For All Users

Systems-wide adoption of the REcenterhub dashboard improves how users interact with the MLS, offers new features and resources.

CHINO HILLS, CA – July 18, 2023 – California Regional Multiple Listing Service (CRMLS) has fully released the REcenterhub dashboard across its three MLS systems (CRMLS Matrix, CRMLS Paragon, and Flexmls). While the REcenterhub ecosystem had been available since 2022, it has now become the default dashboard for all of CRMLS’ 110,000+ users.

The REcenterhub dashboard, developed internally by CRMLS, boasts new features to streamline productivity for real estate professionals. In addition to a completely new, modernized user interface, the dashboard offers customization options for both users and Associations, industry information such as market data trends and news articles, and enhanced interactivity for ease of use.

“We are confident that fully transitioning to this new dashboard, custom-built by CRMLS, is a major step towards modernizing how users interact with their MLS,” said Art Carter, CEO of CRMLS. “It’s an incredibly beneficial tool that’s easy-to-learn and more powerful than previous dashboards. Our product and development team has been working hard to perfect this dashboard and I’m happy to see it implemented for all our users. Additionally, by keeping product development in-house, CRMLS gains more flexibility to respond to user needs than it would have while relying on third party vendors.”

REcenterhub is a product ecosystem built and supported entirely by CRMLS to enhance efficiency and provide critical resources to all users (AORs, brokers, and agents). In addition to its current training portal, future iterations of REcenterhub will offer compliance, customer care, and regional market analytics portals.

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