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CRMLS Operational Steering Committee

The Operations Committee examines member-suggested improvements to our systems and makes suggestions to the Board on ways to make our offerings the best in the nation.

Curtis Doss
Operational Steering Committee Chair

James Pai

 Arcadia AOR

Cheritta Smith

Burbank AOR

Tom Berge Jr

Citrus Valley AOR

Tom Hawkins

Coastal Mendocino AOR

Will Quanstrom

East Valley AOR

Layne Sellers

Fresno AOR

Sevak Sohrabian

Glendale AOR

Anthony Amodeo

Greater Downey AOR

Larry Mason

High Desert AOR

Monique McCord

Inglewood BOR

David Englin

Inland Gateway AOR

Donna O’Donnell

Inland Valleys AOR

Bobbie Jordan

Laguna BOR

Tama Prokopowich

Lake County AOR

Beth Boren

Madera AOR

Mal Coan

Mariposa County BOR

Syreeta Bolton

Merced County BOR

Armando Arenas

Montebello District AOR

Kim Foreman

Newport Beach AOR

Peter Bolane

North San Diego County REALTORS®

Scott Gang

North San Luis Obispo County AOR

Len Herman

Orange County REALTORS®

Trisha Atehortua

Oroville AOR

Sarah Heck

Pacific Southwest AOR

Beth Sparks

Pacific West AOR

Sheri Fejeran

Palos Verdes Peninsula AOR

Aubrey Prius

Paradise AOR

Adam Bray-Ali

Pasadena-Foothills REALTORS®

Shannon Bowdey

Pismo Coast AOR

Teresa Molina​

Rancho Southeast REALTORS®

Tim Townley

San Luis Obispo Coastal AOR

Heather Cooper

Sierra North Valley REALTORS®

Dave Fratello

South Bay AOR

Michael Regilio

Southland Regional AOR

Debbie Kosum

Southwest Riverside County AOR

Peter Iskander

Tri-Counties AOR

Tim Comstock

Ventura County Coastal AOR

Ling Chow

West San Gabriel Valley REALTORS®