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NAR Proposed Settlement Resources

CRMLS is committed to helping our users navigate this evolving landscape.

This page contains video updates provided by CRMLS CEO, Art Carter and Vice President & General Counsel, Ed Zorn.
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It is our top priority to ensure we begin planning to adapt to all necessary changes that would stem from the final settlement. As part of this process, CRMLS executives and the Board of Directors met on March 25 to discuss how to accommodate final settlement requirements.

  • CRMLS will be adding a new field titled “Concessions in Price” to Matrix, Paragon and Flex
  • This is an optional field and will only display a dollar or percentage amount
  • In addition, a check box will appear next to the “Concessions in Price” field. If a user chooses to check this box, the following copy will auto-populate in the listing: “Seller will consider a buyer concession if made in an offer.”
  • Neither the “Concessions in Price” field, nor the check box, will be required


Update: NAR Proposed Settlement

Addressing Common Questions, Statements and Misconceptions


Art Carter and Ed Zorn

Discuss Potential Outcomes of the Proposed NAR Settlement

Real Estate Professional, Budge Huskey, does a solid job at defining the truth
behind common media misconceptions in this timely article.


Settlement Briefing

Learn the latest from this settlement briefing from NAR President Kevin Sears and Chief Legal Officer Katie Johnson


Kevin Sears, NAR President

Discussing Settlement Considerations and Ongoing Advocacy Efforts

Summary of Q/A from Kevin Sear's Updates

No, NAR has been discussing settlement options since before the trial began.

To appeal would have required NAR to post a $5.4 billion bond, which they did not have the resources to provide, and could lead them to Chapter 11 bankruptcy. It also would’ve left all MLSs and brokerages named in copycat lawsuits to fend for themselves.

NAR will pay $418 million over the next four years and is working on how to remit that payment without interrupting the tools, resources, and advocacy its members depend on.

As of now, NAR has announced these pending rules changes:

  1. There will be no more cooperating compensation on the MLS. Agents will still be able to offer compensation to a buyer broker, but it just cannot be conveyed on the MLS.
  2. If you are a REALTOR MLS participant, you will need a written agreement when representing a buyer.

The process will take months, but we anticipate final approval by the end of the year.

 NAR will not be changing the membership dues for 2024 or 2025.

No, the settlement does not restrict advertising off of the MLS  

For more information from NAR on the proposed settlement visit