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CRMLS Moves Headquarters to Chino Hills

CHINO HILLS, CA – September 4, 2018 – After years of growth, California Regional MLS (CRMLS) has moved its headquarter offices from San Dimas to Chino Hills, California – some 12 miles southeast.
“When we moved into our San Dimas office seven years ago, we provided our services to a growing community of real estate professionals in California. That community has since expanded to over 93,500 people,” said CRMLS CEO Art Carter.
“Offering training, support, and tech products to the largest MLS userbase in the country doesn’t happen on its own. Our staff has grown significantly in the past seven years,” Carter added. “Simply put, we ran out of room.”
CRMLS Project Manager Diane Sass put in the legwork to help determine the new office location. “I knew we needed to find someplace central for all our employees,” said Sass. “I let the data speak for itself; I started with a map of Southern California, then added points to represent each employee’s home address.” With the help of mapping software, Sass found the “centroid,” or geographic center, of these points. The transition team sought out the most central office location available based on Sass’s research.
“We were lucky to find an office that fit our needs both as an organization and as commuters,” said Carter.
Carter and other staff members expressed their appreciation to the city of San Dimas. “We’ll miss the local restaurants and businesses,” said Chief Operating Officer Adrese Roundtree, “but most of all, we’ll miss the community that welcomed us as a business and as people.”
“San Dimas has been a great host to our company,” said Carter. “We’re looking forward to becoming part of the Chino Hills community.”
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