CRMLS Paragon

San Diego’s familiar MLS system.

Paragon is a sleek, intuitive front-end MLS platform for real estate professionals. With high speeds and a host of customization options, the system is easy to learn for users at all levels. Paragon includes a robust toolset for CMAs, including several themes and quick report templates. The client portal allows for customization, boosting your communication efforts to your clients. Through Paragon’s modern mobile capabilities, you can access saved searches and contacts and even send listing data to clients directly from your smartphone or tablet.

Key features include:

  • Optimized Navigation: Intuitive and straightforward navigation makes   learning Paragon a snap.
  • Real-Time Listings: Users can send listing details to clients quickly, with   real-time data available on Android and iOS mobile devices.
  • Enhanced Compatibility: Compatible with all major internet browsers.
  • Relevant Tools: Wizards for contacts, listing maintenance, and CMA   presentations.
  • Tax Data from CRS: The longstanding real estate tax platform is currently   accessible exclusively through Paragon.
  • Client Connect: Provides clients with access to listing results, notifications,   and updates 24/7.
  • Integrated Maps: Map searches offer users a variety of tools to   complement standard-field searches.

Additional features include:

  • – Agent Branded apps to share with clients.
  • – Boundary Lines.
  • – Mortgage Payment Calculations.
  • – Search by Map.
  • – View Virtual Open Houses.
  • – Client Portals.
  • – Generate Hotsheets.
  • – Search for Comps.
  • – Tax Data.
  • – Your full list of Contacts.
  • – Your saved searches.

CRMLS staff work hard to maintain and improve your Paragon service. Check out the latest enhancements here: