The best way to do disclosures

This is a core CRMLS product, available to CRMLS users at no additional cost

With Glide, you can prepare, organize, sign, and share disclosure packages from one user-friendly interface, saving time and frustration for you and your clients.

Home sellers are often overwhelmed by the disclosures process. Glide is full of intuitive tools that make this process easier. Glide takes sellers through a step-by-step guided interface with inline contextual help, auto-saving, checks to ensure all questions are complete, and a flagging feature to ask for additional help. Sellers rave about an easier way to understand, and complete complex disclosure forms.

Manage risk, save time, and keep everything in one place with Glide. Available at no additional cost through participating CRMLS Associations & Boards.

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Glide also has an end-to-end offer management system.

Listing agents

Can quickly compare, manage, counter, and accept others, and more, all within one system.

Buyer’s agents

Have the ease of looking at an offer with important and required field already highlighted, SMS notifications when a party views their offer, and additional security protections.

All parties benefit from Glide’s automatic calendar creation, which keeps count of key dates, accounts for weekends and holidays, and syncs with Google calendar (Outlook coming soon). No more piles of paperwork, unfinished documents, or forgotten deadlines – Glide provides a smooth process throughout its Offers feature.

Glide’s “Submit Offer” button relaunches in Matrix, Paragon, and Flex!

Create, manage, negotiate, and close offers all in one place.