Compile and publish client feedback.

Glide offers a safe, client-friendly alternative to today’s cumbersome disclosure process, allowing clients and agents work together to efficiently prepare C.A.R. forms online. Deliver critical advisory information and compliance assessments that reduce legal liability for agents and save countless hours on every transaction. Instead of preparing forms by hand, which can lead to disputes later, agents can use Glide to preserve a full record of communication, while providing an intuitive all-digital experience to buyers and sellers.

Key features of Glide

  • • Quickly invite clients to Glide and track progress in real-time
  • • Automatically deliver advisory information prior to disclosure
  • • Automatically ensure 100% of required questions are answered
  • • Efficiently address client questions and comments
  • • Encourage full disclosure through automatic addenda and attachments
  • • Easily update or revise forms anytime

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