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The website building technology favored by some of the largest real estate brands and brokerages — now available to you.

Xomio is the only agent website design platform that offers custom-built technology and multilingual listing translation like those used by industry leaders. Xomio’s global SEO is far-reaching enough to attract high value international buyers and accurate enough to work in your local market.

Using Xomio to create your website is easy. Customize your site in just a few clicks, no coding or design experience required. Every Xomio site is ADA compliant and accessible in 19 languages.

Prove your local expertise to not just your market but to the world, all for less than you’d expect.

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Did you know that California has more foreign-language speakers than any other state?

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Over 45%

of California residents speak a language other than English at home.

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Over 11%

of all 2022 foreign buyer transactions in the US were closed in California.

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Foreign buyers not only spend more…

but tend towards buying all in cash.

You’re in real estate, not web design.

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Jam-packed with easy-to-use features.

Get multi language IDX straight out of the box


Go worldwide

Expand your marketing ability to new clients and 19 different languages.

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Local expertise on a global platform

Multilingual web pages, international SEO, and fully translated listing feeds bring your business out of your local market and to the world at large.

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Crack the code

Your programming problems have been solved.

Xomio is the easiest website builder in real estate.

Your site is guaranteed to run smoothly. Every button, feature, and link have been designed to be intuitive and crafted to offer a fluid website for you and your clients. Xomio does all the complex coding for you.

You don’t need to be tech-savvy to get all the features of an enterprise real estate business site.

A better experience

UI? UX? You don’t need to worry.

Get your site up and running in no time and customize it to your exact needs. All design work is automatically applied on desktop and mobile at the same time.

Employ a dedicated client side and a CRM to make handling leads simple. Switch your IDX on with no technical integration. Apply your design choices across your whole site with a single click. Drag and drop content blocks to your preference.

Xomio not only makes it easy to build a great site, but makes it impossible to build a bad one.


15% discount for CRMLS users

CRMLS have secured a 15% discount on Xomio subscriptions for every agent and broker site. Take advantage of this exclusive offer today!


Yes, you can easily connect any domain you already own to your Xomio website. There are no additional fees to use a custom domain. You may also use any available Xomio subdomains.

Once you have the photos you want to use (your own or from Xomio’s collection) you can publish your site in under 15 minutes. Come back to make edits any time!

Absolutely nothing. Thanks to Xomio’s partnership with CRMLS, your IDX is already integrated in your Xomio site, branded to you, and ready to use in all offered languages – at no extra charge.

Xomio’s technical team has done the work for you! With 20 years of experience supporting the world’s largest global brands, Xomio will provide your site true global visibility. Your website isn’t just translated word for word. Each language Xomio translates your site into comes coupled with native SEO practices. It’s as if your site has been duplicated in each language by a native speaker, providing you with unrivaled global SEO.

ADA Compliance ensures a certain level of online accessibility for a specific website. Xomio offers the right tools to everyone regardless of accessibility need. There are a growing number of legal requirements for websites to meet accessibility standards. All Xomio sites are ranked 100% accessible following Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (as found in WCAG Web Content 2.1).

You can choose any combination of languages for potential clients to find your site. You can also choose to have your website in a single language. Add or remove languages at any time with just a few clicks.

Yes! Google Maps search is standard in all Xomio websites.

Yes, currency is automatically converted on Xomio websites. From USD to JPY to Bitcoin, you’re covered. With live currency conversions, you can help your clients see your listings in price ranges they can understand.

Yes, clients can easily change to their preferred units of measurement in the same drop down menu as their language and currency preferences.

English, Latin American Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, Canadian French, European French, European Portuguese, European Spanish, Italian, German, Polish, Russian, Turkish, Arabic, Hebrew, Vietnamese, Korean, Japanese, Chinese Traditional, and Chinese Simplified.

Yes, you can choose from our collection of options or upload your own logo for the additional professional touch.

Yes, you can choose which listings you’d like to display as featured from your own listings or any IDX listings available to you. Featured listings can also be added as a banner to your home page, your listing pages, or highlighted in your listing search. You also aren’t required to add in featured listings if you do not want to.

Xomio has no sign-up fees, no cancellation fees, no IDX integration fees, and no required long-term contracts. There are no hidden fees!

No fees, no bots, no nonsense. Get support from an in-house customer success team.

Xomio websites are purpose-built so you likely won’t need any additional support to customize your website. If you do need assistance, the in-house team is available to support you at no extra cost.

No setup time nor plug-ins needed. With CRMLS’s and Xomio’s integration, your IDX is ready for you from the start. No need to worry about setup times and connection points as all your listings are there and available to you from the get-go.