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New Think Tank Group Identifies Solutions to Evolve the MLS

SAN JUAN CAPISTRANO, CA -September 7, 2017 – Despite the fact that real estate Multiple Listing Services (MLS) are critical to the real estate industry, much of their structure and technology is inefficient and outdated. However, 28 real estate brokers and leaders have proposed solutions to transform the MLS of today into the future.
These findings are being released today in an all-encompassing new study, the “MLS 2020 Agenda.” The study was commissioned by The MLS RoundTable, a new think tank comprised of seven of the foremost MLS member organizations – including the nation’s three largest – which collectively serve approximately 300,000 real estate professionals. T3 Sixty, the leading management consulting company in the real estate industry, undertook the study.
The “MLS 2020 Agenda” features the frank opinions from leaders representing the most important MLS constituents, from customers and MLS leaders, to real estate brokers/owners like Lennox Scott and Helen Hanna Casey, technology vendors like CoreLogic and Black Knight, association leaders like the newly appointed CEO of the National Association of Realtors, Bob Goldberg, as well as other large players such as Zillow, The Realty Alliance and the Real Estate Standards Organization (RESO).
“We are well beyond disruption,” says David Charron, Chief Strategy Officer of Bright MLS and spokesperson for The MLS RoundTable. “MLSs can no longer stand down while their brokers continue to bear the brunt of the challenges facing our industry,” said Kathy Condon, CEO of MLS Property Information Network and past president of CMLS. “We must keep building on the solid foundation of MLS and the brokers we serve,” Tom Hurdelbrink, CEO of Northwest MLS added.
The MLS RoundTable is a consortium of MLS organizations desirous to do exactly that and ensure that the MLS industry safeguards real estate professionals who are at the forefront of the conversation with the consumer. The study encourages greater cooperation throughout the real estate industry to benefit real estate professionals and consumers.
“The study pinpoints solutions for addressing the key issues the MLS industry is wrestling with,” says Stefan Swanepoel, CEO of T3 Sixty, and author of the study, the DANGER Report and the annual Swanepoel Trends Report. “Making the MLS more current and relevant for real estate professionals will have to include leveraging more present-day technologies, improving data standards and accelerating consolidation” he said.
“There is seldom consensus on anything in our industry these days,” says Art Carter, CEO of California Regional MLS, the nation’s second largest MLS in the nation. “The MLS RoundTable hopes to bridge that gap.”
The 40-page study can be downloaded at www.MLS2020Agenda.com.
About The MLS Roundtable:
The MLS RoundTable is a consortium of MLS organizations. The charter members are:

  • ♦ Bright MLS – 85,000+ subscribers (represented by Tom Phillips, CEO and David Charon CSO)
  • ♦ CRMLS – 81,000+ subscribers (represented by Art Carter, CEO)
  • ♦ CarolinaMLS – 11,000+ subscribers (represented by Anne Marie DeCatsye, CEO)
  • ♦ MLS PIN – 35,000+ subscribers (represented by Kathy Condon, CEO)
  • ♦ MRED – 43,000+ subscribers (represented by Rebecca Jensen, CEO)
  • ♦ NWMLS – 25,000+ subscribers (represented by Tom Hurdelbrink, CEO)
  • ♦ RealTracs – 13,000+ subscribers (represented by Stuart White, CEO)
About T3Sixty:
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