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Run your business on your terms.

Flexmls is a modern, easy-to-use MLS system designed with agents in mind. The platform provides real estate professionals with an MLS system powered by CRMLS data that features flexibility, a range of customization options, and timely and accurate property information. A consistent user experience across mobile and desktop platforms helps you search, input, and manage listings with ease.

Works Like an Agent

Find the information you need with the efficiency you deserve. After years of research on user experience and product design, Flexmls has been built to provide you with an experience that mirrors a real estate professional’s actual workflow.

Flexmls Portals

Build your relationships with your customers through Flexmls portals. Incorporate your own branding as you share, connect, and communicate with your clients to remind them about the value of your business.

Customizable System

Customize your system to the needs of your market. Integrate preferred third-party software products, access on-demand admin controls and agent-level dashboard preferences, and much more. Flexmls provides you with market-level customization to get your business where you want it to go.

Advanced Accessibility

Access Flexmls across platforms. Whether you’re on a laptop, desktop, phone, or tablet, you can find your listings anytime, anywhere.