Access your MLS listings on your phone or tablet.

This is a core CRMLS product, available to CRMLS users at no additional cost

MLS-Touch allows you to quickly access all your MLS listings directly on your phone or tablet. As long as you have mobile internet service, you have the power of the MLS in your hand.

Search by map or by additional advanced MLS filters. Generate hot sheets, sales comparisons, or market statistics instantly, then share with your clients, find other agents, and manage your contacts. Features include:

  • – Contacts now sync between CRMLS Matrix and MLS-Touch
  • – Sync clients’ portal activity with CRMLS Matrix automatically
  • – Edit your CRMLS Matrix listing’s price and public & private remarks on-the-go
  • – View Realist Tax data from a listing in MLS-Touch
  • – Search by Map
  • – View Virtual Open Houses
  • – Client Portals
  • – Edit List Price
  • – Edit Agent Remarks
  • – Edit Public Remarks
  • – Generate Hotsheets
  • – Search for Comps
  • – Your full list of contacts

New features include:

  • – Users can now view all the units in a Realist map parcel
  • – The Configuration now includes multiple new preferences
  • – New support for Android 12 and iOS 15

No more pen and paper, no more print outs, no more missed opportunities. Click here to learn more about the MLS-Touch app.

New Hotsheet interface and functionalities

  • – Users can quickly toggle between different numbers of days
  • – Users can filter by Property Types
  • – Added Price Increases Changes
  • – MLS-Touch now shows all generic statuses (including Pending)
  • – Users can calculate from the status change date, not the listing creation date
  • – Back on market listings will now display in ‘Active’ (when applicable)

Improved Listing Navigation & Display experience

  • – To avoid altering listing photos, dark gradients no longer appear on them; however, buttons now have “halos” around them to maintain their visibility
  • – The MLS# at the top will no longer appear, thus avoiding the situation where the status overflows on top of the MLS#
  • – Listings now display DOM number instead of listing date

MLS-Touch now integrates with the new Prospects CRM, available in the CRMLS Marketplace. Click here to visit the Prospects CRM page. Virtual open houses are available in MLS-Touch now! Log into MLS-Touch with your MLS credentials to start viewing virtual open houses. Data for virtual open houses comes directly from your MLS platform (Matrix, Paragon, or Flex).


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