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Realist Tax

The Accurate, Reliable, Public Record Database

Realist Tax Market

Realist Tax

Trusted data from the leading MLS tax product for over 25 years.

This is a core CRMLS product, available to CRMLS users at no additional cost

Realist provides real estate agents and brokers with the perspective necessary to identify, understand and take decisive action based on the data from CoreLogic, the nation’s largest provider of property and ownership information.

Leverage data from 99.8% of all U.S. property owners, 98% of all zip codes, and 500+ million historical transaction records and data spanning back over 40 years.

Harness the power of Realist’s data with powerful and client-friendly visual reporting tools, and make market trends and home valuations easy to understand.

Log in to Matrix and click on the Realist Tax icon to get started!

To help you make the most of your CRMLS user benefit, Realist is now offering the Realist Studio. Realist Studios offers a wealth of videos and tips to help agents take advantage of everything the new Realist has to offer. Ready to get started? Click here to visit Realist Studio.

Recent Enhancements:

Redesigned user interface and enhanced visualization

The new user interface will offer a more intuitive and visually appealing experience, making it easier for agents to navigate and access essential market data.

Trending Analysis

The redesigned report will showcase month-over-month percentage increases or decreases for critical metrics, including total closed sales, average sale price, active listings, and more. This, coupled with trending analysis, will enable agents to identify emerging patterns and better understand market dynamics.

Comprehensive Data

The Market Trends report incorporates both Tax and MLS data for a comprehensive and more accurate view of the real estate market.


The new market trends report offers a mobile-optimized design, enabling agents to access this report whenever and wherever they need it.

Users benefit from everything Matrix offers, plus:

More Efficient Workflow

Leverage Realist tax data without launching a separate program.

New Search Capabilities

Search criteria can include BOTH tax and listing data. For example: find all active listings with a certain assessment value, or show all sold listings where the sold price was greater than the assessed value. And more!

Easy and Familiar

Search, view results, print and email reports for tax the same way as listings. All searches and displays are created inside of Matrix, providing a consistent and familiar user experience. It’s also one system to learn, not two.

Realist Tax Matrix360Studiov2
Tax/Assessor/Public Records for parcels in your Realist counties are loaded natively within Matrix.
Login in Matrix matches listings to tax records and tax records to listings.
The result is a truly property-centric multiple listing platform that gives you a 360-degree view of properties in your market.

An Introduction To The New Realist

How To Use The Realist Search Tools

Realist Tax Webinar