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PhotoPerfect App

HDR style photography app that takes photos with mobile devices.

PhotoPerfectApp is an HDR style photography app that takes photos with Android and I-phone devices. Users can create a Photo-Show of the photos that is combined with music within the app. Image adjustments are a part of the functions of the app. Users can also text their Photo-Show to their contacts in minutes. 12 Tutorials have been created to help agents know exactly how to utilize the app to get the most benefits to their business.

PhotoPerfectApp provides better photos than even an I-phone 13 can produce.

The proof is in the photos. Please watch our videos to see what a typical smartphone produces in lighting situations that are difficult.  Our app blends light from 3 consecutive shots, producing a beautiful photos that are impossible for even the best phones to produce.  Realtors will save over $450 for 3-4 listings.  You can even create a Photo-Show VIDEO…for social media in less than 5 minutes, with music and no editing!


PhotoPerfectApp (Lite), will be provided to all CRMLS members as a free app for one year

Say NO to long hours of photo editing

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Easy Interface

User friendly interface.

Quick Access

Just Point and Shoot and wait for the magic to appear in few seconds.


All of your images stored locally on the personal device.

See more examples on how PhotoPerfect works